Hi, we're Amanda and Jordan Hirsch. We've been married for 11 years, improvising together for 6, and freelancing for 4. Our dog, Cosmo, is our mascot, office napper and spiritual advisor.

Also, we've been on Cash Cab. And we won.

Exciting news! Based on the overwhelmingly positive response we got to our 2011 SXSW Interactive panel "Improv For Everyone," we've launched THINK IMPROV, a company that teaches creative professionals and business how to unleash their full potential using the principles of improvisation. Please check out the THINK IMPROV site to learn more about us, our workshops, and how improv can help you.

Contact us at hello [at] thinkimprov.com.

Photo of Jordan Hirsch

Jordan Hirsch is a musician and improviser who earns a living as a technical consultant specializing in content management systems. He likes donuts, bacon and beer, but not necessarily in that order. Visit Jordan's website and read Wired for Music, his blog about music and technology. You can also follow him on Twitter at @tfish77.

Photo of Amanda Hirsch

Amanda Hirsch is a writer, performer and online story strategist who's worked with the likes of PBS, NPR and the Paley Center for Media. She likes dark chocolate, avocado, and ginger tea, and has seen "Family Ties: European Vacation" more times than she cares to admit. Stop by her website or say hi on Twitter.